Tuesday, May 6, 2008

iTouch Learning

I've read this on the blog of Jane Knight and thought it was worth sharing:

I have recently been investigating the use of the iPod Touch for learning and performance support purposes.

The iPod Touch is the little brother (or sister!) of the iPhone; it has pretty much all the same functionality except for its mobile phone capability. 

It is therefore much more than just an iPod/MP3 player.  You can watch (MPEG-4) videos on it, and it also has on board a range of Internet applications (e.g. Safari browser, mail reader, YouTube player and Google Maps reader).  You can connect to the Internet wherever there is WiFi connectivity.

The multi-touch interface lets you control everything with just two fingers; and there is also a touch-screen QWERTY keyboard when you need it.  The accelerometer detects  when you rotate it from portrait to landscape and adjusts the contents accordingly.  Just like any other iPod you can synchronise your audio files with iTunes, but with the Touch you can also sync your email accounts, bookmarks, contacts and so on.

I consider the iPod Touch to be a very useful mobile learning device. 

I've also been putting together a list of the top web apps and optmised sites for the iPod Touch for learning and performance support purposes, as well as collecting tips to get the most out of it as well as other resources about its use.  I've added a new section to the Centre's website, called iTouch Learning to share these findings, and of course would be very pleased to receive any links to other relevant web apps, resources, etc that could be added to the lists.

iTouch Learning

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