Thursday, June 16, 2011

Another tragedy

This week we have heard the tragic news of some more student deaths in various parts of our country. Each one of these events is extremely tragic and very traumatic for everybody close to those young people.

I think as parents we will be kidding ourselves if we believe it can’t happen to us. The reality is that we can only do so much for our kids. At some point we have to let them go and they will have to start making the right choices themselves.

The one area I do have concern about in general, is the level of resilience of our young people. I sometimes get the impression that many of them are not great at dealing with setbacks and problematic situations. Maybe this is an area we as parents can help our kids with.

Resilience is being developed by letting our kids deal with issues themselves (within reason of course) and be there as a support person and mentor, rather than always stepping in and dealing with it on there behalf. They can only learn by doing: making mistakes, handling setbacks, sort out conflict, stand up for ourselves, solve problems, etc.

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