Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Quality Digital Learning

The NLC report contains a list ofwhat they call 10 elements of High Quality Digital Learning:

  • Student eligibility: all students are digital learners
  • Student access: all students have access to high quality digital content and online courses
  • Personalised learning: all students can customize their education using digital content through an approved provider
  • Advancement: students progress based on demonstrated competency
  • Content: Digital content, instructional materials, and online and blended learning courses are high quality
  • Instruction: digital instruction and teachers are high quality
  • Providers: all students have access to multiple high quality providers
  • Assessment and accountability: student learning is the metric for evaluating the quality of content and instruction
  • Funding: funding creates incentives for performance, options and innovation
  • Delivery: infrastructure supports digital learning.

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