Thursday, November 5, 2009

No Data Projector?

We regularly have groups of teacher visiting our school to look at ICT, Inquiry, etc. They often seem quite surprised that we have a data projector in every classroom. Personally I see a data projector as a standard piece of equipment in a modern classroom.

Am I living on another planet regarding this issue? How do you see it?


room2 said...

Definitely a great asset - it makes it so much easier to find and use material to share with the class, to model uses of technology, to get children collaborating and commenting on each others' work - just a few ways it can be used. I would be lost without some kind of big screen. It maximises my use of ICT.

AllanahK said...

I am promised to get a data projector this year- last year all of us had to share the one data projector.

I will celebrate when it is actually here.

About time.

Allanah K