Sunday, February 25, 2007

Get going

I attended the Learning@school conference in Rotorua last week. One of the keynotes was delivered by David Warlick (Landmark project, USA). David's presentation was on "Telling the New Story" and it was absolutely inspiring. His key message was that we have to: "Prepare our kids not for a future of security, but for a future of opportunity". My/Our challenge is to make it happen in each of our schools.
Once again I have heard that international experts are amazed at the level of freedom that we have as educators in NZ. They all wish they had that at home. My question is: " What have we done with that freedom?" Often I think it is just same old, same old (maybe with a few new gadgets).
I have come back with the resolution to stay focused and work hard to ensure real change will happen. So watch out, here we come!!!

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